This is sooo cute! I want this!!!

I do this to my boyfriend coooonstantly hahaha

This is my boyfriend

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colors-of-the-wind13 asked:
ay boo, why you so fine?

Aww thanks love, I miss you!

anthhonyy asked:
perfect blog <33

Thanks Bro!! your way too kind :p

Adderall Clarity Moments! Xox@

Sitting on my patio, smoking a cig, in the calm of the night, high on my bros prescription, Electronic music pulsing in the background, life’s finest moments. Peace and bliss fills the stark, cold air. Giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts here, which I felt necessary to post in some poetic nature. Blame the drugs, but the feeling should it last, if it last..God I hope it does, fades the worry of today, and the troubles to come tomorrow if not just for this moment. A moment much needed. So I allow it to cast its escape for the time being without any wish, or want for its coming dismissal of what is true ecstasy.